Chris Hunt

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hunt has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Hunt Companies, Inc. since 2015. Mr. Hunt is a Director on Hunt Companies’ Board of Directors and also serves on Hunt’s Executive Committee and Investment Committee. Mr. Hunt is on the Board of Directors of numerous Hunt affiliates including Amber Infrastructure Group, LEDIC Realty Company, Hunt Companies Finance Trust (NYSE: HCFT) and Moss & Associates. Learn More

Hugh Blaney

Co-Founder, Amber Infrastructure

Hugh Blaney was a co-founder of Amber Infrastructure in 2009. Mr. Blaney is a member of the Amber Infrastructure Executive Credit Committee and has been involved in over 100 property, infrastructure and PPP transactions with a capital value in excess of £10bn. Learn More

Marc DeFife

President, Strategic Opportunities

Mr. DeFife currently serves as Executive Vice President of Hunt Capital Holdings, the holding company for Hunt’s financial service businesses.  He is responsible for business development and capital formation across Hunt Capital Holdings.  Mr. DeFife is also Co-President of Hunt Financial Securities. Learn More

Michael Falcone

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Falcone is Chief Operating Officer of Hunt Capital Holdings. Mr. Falcone oversees the management of  the day to day operations of Hunt Capital Holdings.  Mr. Falcone is also the CEO of MMA Capital Management, an investor in debt associated primarily with renewable energy that is externally managed by Hunt Investment Management. Learn More

Giles Frost

Chief Executive Officer, Amber Infrastructure

Giles is co-founder and an executive director of Amber Infrastructure, and its current CEO. He has been involved in raising in excess of £500m for investment into infrastructure over the last five years and leads the investor facing business with Amber Infrastructure. Learn More

Kara Harchuck

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Kara Harchuck currently serves as Executive Vice President /General Counsel for Hunt Companies, Inc. Her primary responsibilities include leading the legal services department and providing her legal expertise to the company’s transactional activity, compliance and governance issues. She also serves on the firm’s Investment Committee, Finance Committee, Audit and Ethics Committee and Ethics and Compliance Subcommittee. Learn More

Ryan McCrory

Executive Vice President

Ryan McCrory serves as Executive Vice President for Hunt Companies, Inc. Mr. McCrory is responsible for executing M&A transactions, capital markets transactions and other strategic initiatives on behalf of the Office of the CEO. Mr. McCrory serves on the firm’s Executive Committee and Investment Committee.
Learn More

Dan Singer

Chief Investment Officer, Head of Risk Management

Mr. Singer currently serves as Chief Investment Officer and Head of Risk Management for Hunt Capital Holdings. In this role, Mr. Singer is responsible for identifying, negotiating, structuring and managing strategic opportunities for Hunt and its affiliates. He serves on the Hunt Companies Inc. finance and executive committees and on the board of several Hunt affiliates. Learn More